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Organic Italian Acacia Honey - MI401

Organic Italian Acacia Honey - MI401

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Alce Nero organic acacia honey is 100% organic.

It is straw yellow (almost transparent) and has a delicate flavour, a vanilla aroma and a liquid consistency. After mechanical centrifugation extraction, the honey is cold decanted, filtered and then packaged.

It is always processed at below 50°C. Alce Nero organic acacia honey is ideal as a sweetener for herbal teas and infusions, fruit, yoghurt or milk.

  • Legal name

    Organic acacia blossom honey (Italian origin)

  • Ingredients

    Organic acacia blossom honey

  • Conservation method

    Store in a cool, dry place away from heat sources.

  • Place of production

    Made in the ADI Apicoltura S.r.l. factory Via De Gasperi, 72 -66046 Tornareccio (CH) - Italy

  • Average nutrition declaration per 100 grams
    • Energia :1352kJ/322kcal

    • Grassi :0g

      di cui saturi :0g

    • Carboidrati :80g

      di cui zuccheri :80g

    • Proteine :0,6g

    • Sale :0,03g

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