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70% extra dark chocolate with organic ginger - CFZ050

70% extra dark chocolate with organic ginger - CFZ050

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The cocoa used for Chocolate for the 70% extra dark chocolate with organic ginger is Fairtrade certified and comes from Peru.

Chocolate with an intense flavour with slightly spicy ginger notes. The recipe is based on single origin Peruvian cocoa and is enhanced by the slender shape of the bar, exalting the flavour of selected cocoa combined with a hint of ginger.

The cocoa used for this chocolate is Fairtrade certified and produced by Cooperativa Norandino in Peru. Alce Nero producers are members of Cooperativas Sin Fronteras, an international organisation which promotes the principles of quality, wholesomeness and sustainability and which to date involves more than 14,000 families of producers in Latin America. After toasting, the beans are skilfully prepared by Chocolat Stella, an ancient Swiss maison du chocolat, also a member of Alce Nero.

The Alce Nero dark chocolate bar with organic ginger is made using organic cane sugar and does not contain soy lecithin.

  • Legal name

    Organic extra dark chocolate with ginger

  • Ingredients

    Cocoa paste* from Peru (57%)*, cane sugar* (28%), cocoa butter* ginger powder (2%), vanilla pods *. *Organic. Min 70% cocoa (chocolate).

  • Conservation method

    Store in a cool (16/18�C), dry place, away from sunlight and strong odours.

  • Place of production

    Produced at the factory in: Via alle Gerre, 28 - Giubiasco, Switzerland

  • Average nutrition declaration per 100 grams
    • Energy :2370kJ/564kcal

    • Fats :42g

      of which saturated :26g

    • Carbohydrates :34g

      of which sugars :29g

    • Fibre :11g

    • Protein :9,0g

    • Salt :0,02g

  • Allergens

    May contain milk, hazelnuts, almonds. Free from soy lecithin. Gluten-free.

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