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Cappelli durum wheat mezze maniche - Parchi della Toscana - PSC728

Cappelli durum wheat mezze maniche - Parchi della Toscana - PSC728

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Only with organic Cappelli durum wheat grown in Italy

Parchi della Toscana pasta is a product created by Alce Nero in cooperation with Legambiente in order to convert the land in all Italian parks to organic farming, reducing the impact of conventional farming based on the use of synthetic chemicals and pesticides. Alce Nero organic durum wheat mezze maniche is made using the historic variety of durum wheat dating back to the early 20th century, when Nazareno Strampelli ran experimental tests in fields provided by the Marquis Cappelli, thus obtaining superior grains, including the Cappelli variety. The semolina dough is prepared using spring water from the Dolomites.

Thanks to its shape, Alce Nero organic Cappelli durum wheat mezze maniche is ideal for capturing sauce on the entire surface, making it suitable for all kinds of dishes.

  • Legal name

    Organic durum wheat semolina pasta.

  • Ingredients

    Organic durum wheat semolina, water.

  • Conservation method

    Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

  • Place of production

    Produced at the factory in: Via Felicetti 9, Predazzo (TN) - Italy

  • Average nutrition declaration per 100 grams
    • Energia :1474kJ/351kcal

    • Grassi :1,4g

      di cui saturi :0,3g

    • Carboidrati :72g

      di cui zuccheri :2,8g

    • Fibre :3,2g

    • Proteine :11g

    • Sale :0g

  • Allergens


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