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Boiled organic peas - LL848

Boiled organic peas - LL848

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Alce Nero boiled organic fine peas come exclusively from Italian cultivations.

Peas belong to the legume family and probably originated in central Asia, successively spreading to the Middle East and Europe. Our boiled peas are ideal for sauces or salads and are also delicious served alone. They are a natural source of fibre.

  • Legal name

    Boiled organic peas

  • Ingredients

    Fine peas*, water, cane sugar*, salt. *Organic

  • Conservation method

    Store in the fridge once opened and consume within 3-4 days.

  • Place of production

    Produced in the factory in via Cervese 364, Cesena, Italy

  • Average nutrition declaration per 100 grams
    • Energia :342kJ/81kcal

    • Grassi :0,6g

      di cui saturi :0g

    • Carboidrati :11g

      di cui zuccheri :3,9g

    • Fibre :5,1g

    • Proteine :5,3g

    • Sale :0,60g

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