Organic farmers since 1978

Alce Nero, created in 1978, is an organic pioneer. Change, responsibility and innovation are three terms that steered its development. Specifically, the development of one of the most significant and well-integrated networks of organic producers and farmers. Three generative words that also encouraged collaboration with cheFare, which has been working for many years to develop a collaborative network culture in Italy. This led to the idea of a common pathway that would showcase the sense of a task that begins with words, specifically words to do with ‘action’ and, to a certain extent, ‘organic’. Returning to the roots of a discussion that also seeks to update the public, who are often confused by an organic rhetoric that has little to do with today’s organic production and processing in Italy. With interviews and reports, we will explore the pathway and the meaning of seemingly generic terms that can in fact give shape to distinct ethical and professional choices that recognise the organic as not just a farming method, but as a vision and perspective of well-being and balance, sustainability and connection.