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Simona Capria was born in Vizzolo Predabissi (MI) on 29 December 1980. She demonstrated a love for children right from a very young age and, on finishing school, decided to enrol at teacher training college. Her professional career started from here, as she worked in nursery schools and gave parents advice about caring for their children and everything that revolves around the world of parenthood, all while studying for her Diploma in Social Service Management. Her passion for social issues continued to grow as she developed her personal knowledge in other areas, organising activities for disabled children, a recovery community for drug addicts and then, that which has made perhaps the biggest impact on her life, providing food for disadvantaged children in one of the poorest Mexican towns, Nezahualcóyotl, where she arranged daily activities designed to improve the lives of street children and the condition of the food bank. On returning from her mission, Simona continued to volunteer with the White Cross, dealing with another side of social activities. In 2008 she opened her nursery school, where she continues to coordinate and organise the courses and parent meetings even now. Simona’s training, to date, consists of a specialisation in legal pedagogy for the protection of minors, pedagogic consultancy as a party-appointed expert, and certifications that allow her, as a qualified mediator, to apply the “Feuerstein” method, a cognitive stimulation tool. Her career in the educational field continues to give her great satisfaction and motivation, and the children and parents she has met over the years along with her continuous training are her greatest pride. She is the author of “Una tata per amica”, a book that aims to help parents take full possession of their wonderful role and support them with practical advice as well as tales from parents she has met over the years who have experienced the same fears as all mums and dads when it comes to caring for their children. As well as running her nursery school, she has also developed a pathway known as “Asilo Nido Vincente” (winning nursery school), where she helps nurseries to overcome difficulties and optimise their services. Simona offers consultancy services to parents, applying the Feuerstein method, a cognitive stimulation tool that can be used on anybody (children, disabled people, adults, the elderly...) and based on the concept of “structural cognitive modifiability”, respecting each person’s individuality, attitude and propensity.