Organic farmers since 1978

Renata Alleva graduated in Biological Sciences in 1990, completing a dissertation on childhood obesity. In 1991, she won a place to study for a research doctorate in Biochemistry at the Università di Bologna, earning her PhD in 1995 with a dissertation on the study of plasma lipoproteins. White studying for her research doctorate, Renata spent a period of time at the Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology at the University of Granada (Spain), before winning a post-doctorate grant, in 1996, which saw her carry out a large part of her research at the Biochemistry Unit of the Health Research Institute in Sydney (Australia), directed by Prof. Roland Stocker, and then in Aberdeen (Scotland), at the DNA Instability Group, part of the Rowett Institute directed by Prof. Andrew Collins and also Hamburg (Germany), in the Biochemistry Department of the Medical University, directed by Prof. Ulricke Beisigel. Returning to Italy, from 1999 she worked as a contract researcher at the IRCCS Rizzoli in Bologna, collaborating with the Apoptosis Research Group, School of Medical Science (Griffith University, Gold Coast Australia), directed by Prof. Jiri Neuzil. In 2004 she earned a Level 2 Master’s in Clinical Nutrition at the Università di Siena and, in 2005, she won a place on a postgraduate specialisation course in Food Science, completing her studies at the Università di Siena in 2009.  In 2004 Renata began working as a nutritionist.  She has written roughly 50 international papers and book chapters with an impact factor of 131.49, on subjects relating to Food, Supplements, Nutrigenomics, Oxidative Stress, and tumours.  A speaker at national and international conferences and ECM courses, she has won three national prizes for communication and collaborates with various journalistic publications.  She has worked for many years to promote health through the adoption of proper dietary styles and with a particular focus on organic farming. She has spoken at workshops at a number of primary, middle and high schools, private associations and ECM refresher courses. Renata is a reviewer for international scientific journals, the British Journal of Nutrition, the European Journal of Nutrition, and Toxicology in Vitro. In recent years, she has developed an interest in the role pesticides play on human health and has participated as a speaker in various conferences on this subject. She is president of the Ascoli Piceno division of the ISDE (international society of doctors for the environment) and a member of PAN (Pesticide Action Network) Italia.