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Organic stone milled type "2" soft wheat flour - FA851

Organic stone milled type "2" soft wheat flour - FA851

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The Alce Nero type 2 soft wheat flour is obtained from Italian wheat.

In Alce Nero organic stone ground type "2" soft wheat flour, wheat grain is ground together with almost all of the external part, thus preserving the presence of fibre. This flour is recommended for making bread and pizza.

  • Legal name

    Organic type "2" soft wheat flour

  • Ingredients

    Organic type "2" soft wheat flour

  • Conservation method

    Store in a cool, dry place.

  • Place of production

    Packaged at the factory in: Via Circonvallazione, 2 - Argenta (FE), Italy.

  • Average nutrition declaration per 100 grams
    • Energia :1541kJ/367kcal

    • Grassi :1,5g

      di cui saturi :0,3g

    • Carboidrati :73g

      di cui zuccheri :2,0g

    • Fibre :6,5g

    • Proteine :12g

    • Sale :0g

  • Allergens

    May contain traces of other grains containing gluten. May contain traces of soy.

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