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Organic milk chocolate Easter egg - CLU150

Organic milk chocolate Easter egg - CLU150

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With 100% organic cocoa from the Ivory Coast and chocolate-coated cocoa beans.

The Alce Nero Easter Egg with 36% milk chocolate, characterised by a delicate, mellow coconut and milk cream flavour, is made from 100% organic cocoa from The Ivory Coast and contains a delicious surprise: chocolate-coated cocoa beans. Alce Nero Easter eggs are made in collaboration with Domori, a brand which has always been committed to protecting fine cocoa varieties, their habitat and the people who cultivate them. Domori selects cocoa in The Ivory Coast, in an area located between the villages of Toumodi, Taabo and Lilebe.

The cocoa is organic certified by the cooperative Scay, directed by Estelle Konan. Certified organic plantation practices include harvesting by hand, natural fertilisation of plantations and pest control using natural oils (mostly neem oil). The cooperative verifies that all supplying cultivators comply with these conditions and support them by providing specific training courses. The packaging is made using cocoa bean husks, an innovative solution which reduces cellulose consumption thanks to farm crop waste.

  • Legal name

    Organic milk chocolate egg with cocoa bean surprised covered in organic dark chocolate

  • Ingredients

    Egg: Cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, powered milk*, cocoa paste from The Ivory Coast*, emulsifier: soy lecithin*. *Organic. Min 36% COCOA (chocolate). Cocoa beans: Dark chocolate* 60%, (min. 66% cocoa), cocoa paste*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, emulsifier:

  • Conservation method

    Store in a cool, dry place.

  • Place of production

    Produced and packaged at the factory in: Domori srl � Via Pinerolo 72/74 10060 None (TO) Italy

  • Average nutrition declaration per 100 grams
    • Energia :2373kJ/565kcal

    • Grassi :36g

      di cui saturi :17g

    • Carboidrati :32g

      di cui zuccheri :21g

    • Fibre :7,5g

    • Proteine :9,5g

    • Sale :0g

  • Allergens

    May contain nuts

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