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Organic lamb’s lettuce  - VAL080

Organic lamb’s lettuce - VAL080

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This product is made with 100% organic and Italian lamb’s lettuce.

Lamb’s lettuce has a very delicate flavour and characteristic rounded, heart-shaped leaves. Alce Nero salads are ready to be dressed as they are already washed; they are also packaged in fully recyclable materials.

Alce Nero salads are all made from meticulously selected and processed ingredients. Once picked, ingredients are sent to refrigerated facilities at our premises, where only the qualitatively finest produce is selected. The product is then washed in several stages and dried using air or centrifugation systems.

Once dried, the product is packaged in a dedicated area and kept at constantly low temperatures. Immediately after packaging, the product is transported in refrigerated vehicles to distribution platforms or points of sale. Ensuring fridge temperatures during all process phases and rapid processing times guarantee a quality product that is always fresh.

  • Legal name

    Washed salad ready for consumption

  • Ingredients

    Lamb's lettuce*. *Organic

  • Conservation method

    Store in fridge at temperatures below +8°C. Consume within 2 days after opening package, within and not later than the expiry date.

  • Place of production

    Produced in the factory in via Artigianale, 49 - 25025 Manerbio (BS) - Italy

  • Average nutrition declaration per 100 grams
    • Energia :122kJ/29kcal

    • Grassi :<0,5g

      di cui saturi :0g

    • Carboidrati :3,6g

      di cui zuccheri :3,6g

    • Fibre :1,5g

    • Proteine :2,0g

    • Sale :0,01

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