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100% organic arabica coffee capsules  - 18 capsules - CFCI018

100% organic arabica coffee capsules - 18 capsules - CFCI018

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The Alce Nero blend for capsule machines Fairtrade certified.

The Faitrade Alce Nero blend for capsule machines is made exclusively from arabica coffee cultivated at an altitude of between 1250 and 1800 metres, in the shade of other fruit or timber trees, by the farmers of our Prodecoop members in Nicaragua and Coop Norandino in Peru.

Our farmers are members of Cooperativas Sin Fronteras, an international organisation which promotes the principles of quality, wholesomeness and sustainability and which to date involves more than 14,000 families of producers in Latin America. Alce Nero is a member of Coop. Sin Fronteras, together with Cooperativa Norandino in Peru and Prodecoop in Nicaragua, produce our organic, certified Fairtrade coffee.

The coffee capsule packaging system removes oxygen and humidity from the product, primary causes of its ageing. The bulging sachet is proof of the exclusive freshness of every single coffee capsule, which time after time will enable us to re-experience the pleasure of opening freshly packaged coffee, unleashing all its aroma. A balanced, light and aromatic blend. Sweetly reminiscent of peaches in syrup or candied fruits. The Nicaraguan arabica balances the palate with the sweetness and basicity of dried fruit, whereas the Peruvian arabica concludes by adding roundness and a full-bodied quality (never overwhelming), completed by a pleasant after-taste.

  • Legal name

    Roasted and blended organic coffee blend

  • Ingredients

    100% arabica coffee blend from Latin America*�. *Organic;�Fairtrade

  • Conservation method

    Store in a cool, dry place After opening, store the product in an airtight container.

  • Place of production

    Produced in the factory in Via Francia 20, Modena, Italy

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